Not quit my job: quit working, period. I was exhausted from meeting exceedingly higher expectations, faster deadlines, and more ambitious workloads all in service of "saving the world."

I was drained from mentally twisting myself into contortions to prove myself in environments dominated by fear and control who made me question my capabilities, value, and worth.

And I was absolutely miserable.

Because I had no idea who I was.

All of my energy was being spent keeping other people happy, managing their fears and anxieties, making life easier and more comfortable for them, that I was completely disconnected from my own needs, my own priorities, my own desires, and as a result my own wellbeing.

And all I wanted to do was shut down and disconnect from it all.

When my son, Beckett, was born, the need to reorganize my priorities and serve the wellbeing of myself and my family became even clearer.

I began honing in on and refining my core priorities that would balance each other for my most optimal and authentic life.

Here is what I came up with:

I realized that work was completely out of proportion with my priorities and was therefore, greatly impacting my happiness and ability to be and feel like myself.

I knew that if I did not make serious changes to both the nature of the work I was doing and the proportion of time my work took up (both behind the computer and in my mind), I would never feel completely whole, nourished, and like myself.

This led me to some key realizations of what I was and was not looking for:

m y 
v a l u e s

m y 
e n e r g y

m y  
s t r e n g t h s

And with this knowledge, I was able to:

So with this in mind:

And when I clear on what I wanted and needed in accordance with my own priorities, energy, passion, and strengths, I realized:

"I want to be a coach who helps people get back to themselves."

But then immediately, all of the things that were holding me back came rushing to the surface:

After spending 10 years working for high-achieving social impact organizations, I was ready to 

quit working.

And through coaching, I realized almost every single one of us shares these same fears. That we so often left ourselves remain in what is safe and known, even if it drains us and takes us further and further away from who we truly are. 

I started the purposeful practice to help people overcome these limiting beliefs, harmful mindsets, and other counterintuitive programming to connect back to who they truly are, what brings them optimal joy and meaning and how they can use their unique gifts to best serve the world.

And mostly importantly, I started this practice to gently guide people back to listening to and trusting their own selves rather than getting lost in the onslaught of opinions, advice, and "Why don't you try..." of those all around them.

Check out if our energy connects 

m y 
p a s s i o n s

Brooke Cretz
Life Purpose Coach

Passionate about people, deeply curious, and sharply insightful, I am at my best when I'm connecting people with careers, business ventures, or side projects which align them with who they were always meant to be.

With 9 years of experience coaching, strategy consulting, and designing behavioral change initiatives around the world, I bring a wealth of understanding and experience empathizing with and supporting people to lead lives which give them greater joy, energy, and meaning.

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